Resin Consultation

Resin is the most critical cost component in a processors business – ranging from 45 to 85% of the total cost of business. A network that spans the globe and 20 billion pounds of transactional benchmarks gives RTi the ability to bring knowledge and transparency to our clients creating a clear vision regarding the resin markets.

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Plastic & Paper Packaging

RTi provides strategic solutions and consultancy services that provide technical transparency.

Each of our paper and plastic packaging experts have over 25 years of expertise and are globally recognized. Our core competency is utilizing our technical and raw material knowledge to create strategic solutions for best in-class packaging category management. RTi can provide a foundation for sustainable category expertise by providing a detailed technical understanding of paper/plastics you procure.

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Since 1998, RTi has invested 18 years and millions of dollars to build a world class group focused on purchasing plastics. We started in Plastics Hedging in 2011 and in 2014 we created Resin Technology Futures Group. Plastics are non-transparent and with the creation of RTFG, we could dedicate the resources needed to serve this market. In the past few years, prices of commodities linked to crude oil, such as plastics, have risen and fallen significantly.

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About Us

RTi is a strategic partner for managing complex processes that directly impact our clients’ bottom-line. As a technical consulting organization, we provide solutions for managing resin, plastic and paper packaging categories.

Through our technical expertise and analysis, we’re able to provide visibility into the raw material and converting markets, which brings transparency to the value chain.

We enable our customers to conduct fact-based negotiations that achieve sustainable cost reductions. RTi consultants have deep domain expertise coupled with true business experience.

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