Engineered resins

Engineering resins beginning with ABS, PC and Nylon on up to higher performance thermoplastics form the basis for a wide variety of compounds used in a host of applications ranging from automotive and medical to industrial and construction. Most can be traced back to a basic set of feedstocks with a more complex range of intermediates leading to the final resin from a wide variety of producers around the globe. Sourcing and price optimization is a complex task that RTi can support by providing clarity, direction and results to get the best-in-class pricing for your unique requirements. We are well versed to support you in whatever need you have, detailing cost progression from raw materials, supply options, domestic and international markets, import opportunities, supply constraints and surpluses, operating rates, demand and opportunities for improving your supply chain.

Feedstock Price Progression for Engineering Resins:

  1. Lower oil is helping lower overseas feedstock cost for engineering resins.
  2. Slowed growth and overcapacity is yielding important opportunities as well as pressuring domestic producers to move prices lower.
  3. Some Capacity consolidation is to be expected in some of the longer term excess capacity markets as growth levels are lower than originally projected.