RTi provides our clients with a total package solution– deep domain expertise in paper and plastic raw materials as well as packaging conversion economics.

We use a proprietary process that delivers total transparency to the value chain from raw material through supplier conversion that empowers our clients with the technical knowledge they need to maximize category value.

Through knowledge transfer, we give our clients the tools for best in class category management that deliver both technical and transparent cost knowledge. The end result is exposure to your supplier’s margins and the knowledge to negotiate in a fact-based, technically supported manner to ensure your best deal for sustainable savings.

How do we do this?

  • RTi consultants are specialized experts for every raw material and converting process in the plastic and paper market. We are totally focused in this niche and the largest company in North America delivering this solution.
  • Our experts have over 25 years of experience in their respective area with global information networks.
  • RTi has real-time transactional visibility into over 14 billion lbs. of resin annually which ensures our experts know the true market low price for every resin type on a global basis.

How we work with clients?

  • We work behind the scenes with procurement in a confidential manner
  • RTi supports you throughout the execution process
    1. Establishing the appropriate market cost benchmarks specific to your spend characteristics
    2. Providing technical knowledge transfer and economic modeling to achieve transparency and create a “fact-based negotiation foundation”
    3. Delivering market and supplier specific negotiation strategies
    4. Achieving true sustainable savings through economic transparency
  • RTi is Fully engaged throughout the process as a partner to your procurement team

Our revenue model is based on pay for performance.