Plastic & Paper Based Packaging

Create Technical Transparency

  • Gather and Catalog Critical Data Elements
  • Gain Technical Understanding of Raw Material Markets and Cost Drivers
  • Gain Knowledge of True Raw Material Cost Basis vs. Published Indices
  • Increase Technical Understanding of Category

Create Transparency into underlying Supplier Economics

  • Identify What Supplier is or Should Be Paying for Raw Material
  • Apply Engineered Activity Based Cost Modeling
  • Isolate Product Specific To Client Volume, Supplier, Plant, Equipment, Etc.
  • Develop In-depth Supplier Economics Assessment
  • True Margin Across Individual SKUs, ROI, Value of Loss of Business

Build a Fact Based Negotiation Foundation

  • Supplier, Market and Sub-Category Specific Negotiation Strategies
  • Leverage Transparency for Targeted Supplier Discussions
  • Fact Based Negotiations supported by Technical Analysis
  • Focus on Fair Supplier Value and Return on Investment