Resin is the most critical cost component in a processors business – ranging from 45 to 85% of the total cost of business. A network that spans the globe and 14 billion pounds of transactional benchmarks gives RTi the ability to bring knowledge and transparency to our clients creating a clear vision regarding the resin markets. Each of our resin experts has over 25 years of experience in the plastics industry selling, processing or buying resin.

We understand both sides of the negotiating table and now we’ve put our expertise and experience to work for the processor. Our unique business model allows us to focus on savings initiatives within specific resin families such as: Polyethylene, Polypropylene, as well as Engineered Resins.

Processors do not have the time or networks to gather essential information needed in order to make the best decisions possible every time a purchase is executed. RTi resin experts dedicate 100% of their time to analyzing critical market drivers from the well head through the manufactured finished product using our vast network. Market drivers such as feedstocks, exports, pricing benchmarks, supplier actions, producer inventory levels and operating rates all have an impact on the price of resin. Most processors feel volume dictates the price you pay which is not correct! Using real-time market knowledge to create strategies and actions will dictate the price you pay for the resins you purchase.

Even with oil in the mid 60’s North America continues to be the highest priced region in the world. Although resin prices in North America are reacting to global pressure and have fallen rapidly each processor should ask:

  • What should our current buying strategy be in today’s market?
  • What should I know about the resins I consume over the next quarter?
  • What drivers are in place that can move the resin one direction or the other short term?
  • What are the key drivers that impact resin domestically as well as globally?
  • Where and when will resin pricing hit bottom?

RTi can steer you down the right path in all these areas. We use real-time market knowledge to assist processors in closing the gap. Every processor is different – we customize strategies and action plans that will get you to the right price for your business and keep you there month after month. Contact RTi today for a no cost, no obligation resin evaluation.