Resin Services and Products

  • Resin Assessment – Initial RTi evaluation to assess historical pricing and recommend opportunities.
  • Pricing Benchmark – What is the actual market price…today? What is the best price in the market…today?
  • Personal Consultation – Regular communication, training, and education with RTi Resin Team.
  • Supplier Action Watch – Knowing real-time information of what all resin suppliers are doing across the market along with a periodic review of all pertinent contracts with recommendations on future changes to achieve the desired end state and improve your competitive position.
  • International Traders/Exports/Imports – The real-time knowledge of what is happening globally today.
  • Secondary Market Monitor – Pricing and inventory activity between producer, broker, and processor.
  • Daily Market Insight – Producer Operating Rates, Inventory, Costs, actions in the marketplace, changes in capacity, etc.
  • Resin Strategy – Customized 30/60/90 day action plan and buying strategies; including the timing of buys, inventory management, and supplier strategies.
  • Operational Support – Develop the desired end state for packaging and resin procurement based on your needs, your current situation and limitations, and RTi’s forecasted future market moves.
  • Measurement Process – Mechanism for documenting and quantifying the improvement in your ability to buy resin.
  • Cost Modeling – Review of each SKU by location while comparing it’s cost to a best-in-class “should cost”.

Reports and Information

  • Weekly Drivers – Weekly market report with the facts driving resin pricing.
  • Instant Market Bullets – Real-time electronic alerts for actions affecting the market.
  • Monthly Market Update – Monthly resin market report with the trends and forecasted changes.
  • RTi Insider – RTi newsletter with an insightful look into the resin market and how you can improve your bottom line.
  • Daily Feed Stock Prices – Daily alerts as prices settle.

Education and Training

  • Resin Training – Personalized education program that empowers you and your team with information you can apply instantly. Designed to give a deeper understanding of the resin market and how to manage your resin usage and capture savings.
  • Resin Forums – Attend executive-level conferences to gain valuable and timely market knowledge to arm yourself with best practices and processes. Designed to give processors insight into the industries and factors that drive all aspects of a processors resin strategy.